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January 13

posted Jan 21, 2015, 7:55 AM by Jo Fortuna   [ updated Jan 21, 2015, 7:55 AM ]
Today, PPQ met with nine regular members. Sandy Dionne, a talented quilter and friend of Andrea and Donna was a visitor. We welcome her to our group!!!

During the business meeting upcoming events were decided:

February 28 we will carpool from Holy Cross to the Horry County Quilt Gala; time TBD later.

March 17 Donna’s mother will teach us how to make beautiful crocheted necklaces.

Before April we will probably do a road trip and lunch to see the Charleston Museum fabric and fashion exhibit.

After the business meeting, we listened to a presentation from another visitor, Donna Watkins. Donna is a counselor with the Family Justice Center, an organization that provides shelter, education and counseling to victims of domestic abuse here in Georgetown County. Donna works primarily with women who, after living with abuse, have found their way to the Center. Under Donna's guidance, the women use art and creativity as an outlet for their experiences, and Donna shared with us their many beautiful drawings. The messages were uplifting but didn't shy away from the pain these women have felt. 

Donna visited to enlist our help in making a quilt composed of these drawings which will be displayed in the lobby of the Family Justice Center. The vote was a unanimous YES. Jo has experimented with printing the art work on printer fabric sheets. The plan is that Jo would print the artwork on these fabric sheets, and our job will be to sew them together, probably with sashing and a border. We will then coordinate with Donna about how the quilt will be finished and bound; one suggestion is that the women in Donna’s care might tie the quilt. 

Caren also reported on upcoming changes for Friendship Place. Last year, Charlie Ball, the Director of Friendship Place, made a presentation to our group. After his visit, PPQ agreed to adopt a family who could use quilts to ease whatever difficulties they were having. Caren was our liason with Charlie. Last spring, the quilts were given to the children of a family in need of comfort. Today Caren reported that going forward, Friendship Place would not be making regular visits to families or individuals. Their focus will be to uplift through education. Help with basic needs such as food and emergency assistance for utility bills will be handled by area churches.

Yes, it was a full morning....and an enlightening one!